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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my fishing License?

​What happens if I don't show up for my appointment? You will lose your retainer fee if you don’t cancel 2 weeks prior to reservation date. There is a $35 return check fee

What forms of payments do you accept? Cash/check/credit card

What happens if I am late for my appointment?
To maximize your fishing experience it is important to leave the dock at “on time”.  Your Captain will notify you of departure time

What  happens if it rains?
Bring rain gear, if it is a severe storm we will reschedule

Who needs a fishing license?
Anyone over 16 years of age. Free licenses can be obtained for those born before Dec 31, 1937

Is there a limit on how many fish I can catch? 

6 walleye per person

What if I get seasick?
Please bring motion sickness medicine and take it the night prior and again 2 hrs prior to trip if you have a history of sea sickness.

What is the maximum amount of passengers allowed per party?
Our Walleye charter are 1-5 customers, perch charters 1-6 and cruises are up to 6.

Is there a restroom on the boat
? Yes

What types of fish are available for fishing?
  Walleye and Perch

Are pets allowed?